Atlantic Foods Corporation
1999 Section Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
513-772-3866 fax

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Receiving Appointments 513-322-8544
Brian Goret Vice President of Sales 513-322-8554
Mike Kluener Director of Business Development 513-322-8545
Dan Grefer Director of New Business Development 513-322-8538
Greg Kluener Sales 513-322-8534
Tom Hughes Sales 513-322-8547
Kristie Shriver School Sales 513-322-8542
Yvette Koontz  Sales 513-322-8540
Amy Pray Sales Support 513-322-8536
Sara Staarmann Purchasing 513-322-8552
Krystal Wyatt Office Admin 513-322-8546
Gary Grefer President 513-322-8550
Stuart Goret Vice President 513-322-8541
Stuart Berning Vice President of Operations 513-322-8544
Harold Fuson Warehouse Manager 513-322-8538
Debbie Rowe Accounting 513-322-8551
Kyle Grefer Sales and Admin Specialist 513-322-8532