Grow Your Business

  • We are partnership/win-win oriented and creative, nimble and flexible
  • We have a laser focus on logistical execution, customer satisfaction and problem solving
  • We have a lean management structure – decisions are easily and quickly made
  • We focus intently on reducing your pain points by expert market analysis & developing customized solutions

Make Your Business More Profitable

  • We lower your cost of goods because we are a cost efficient operator
  • We lower your cost of doing business by purchasing opportunity buys, saving you an average of 20%
  • We take market positions which provide you stability and protection from market swings
  • We offer cost plus pricing making your buying transparent and systematic while staying vendor agnostic
  • We offer 30-90 day inventory storage programs so as to deliver Just In Time (JIT) inventory saving you on storage/space requirements and maintaining rotational freshness
  • We provide A/R financing allowing for flexible term options and/or providing a credit line for your benefit